8 Home Renovations you shouldn’t do

There are many articles wherein the general thought is the encouragement to yourself in doing any repairs all by yourself. Though, I get the point that it is indeed a rewarding feeling to accomplish any problems all by yourself, but it doesn’t mean that we should not approach other’s help, too.

In terms of repairing for the electrical panels in your house, you are prohibited to touch any possible live wires, especially if you don’t know them. Nobody wants to be electrocuted, right? It won’t be rewarding on your part to see yourself being burned into ashes—that is not a good sight! This is a job intended for the pro’s and not for the amateurs.

To repair any plumbing works, although sometimes there are only minute problems that are occuring in your faucets and pipes, as much as possible stay away from it to avoid any untoward incident. If you are really into repairs and have done it before, maybe that can be an acceptable reason to repair it by yourself, but be mindful because overconfidence leads nothing but bad.

You may have seen many signs that reads Asbestos: Keep out!, it’ll be better if you’ll keep you way out of it. Asbestos is naturally found on soil and rocks; when the mineral fibers of the said mineral are released in the air, might as well wear a face mask, because this is really dangerous. These mineral is air-borne and when inhaled, your lungs would have complications namely; mesothelioma and Lung cancer.

In a nutshell, if we generalize everything, it simply says that keep things out of your way when you don’t know how to do them, and it is not your job to risk your life. You ain’t superman nor a wonderwoman, and trying to contact others helping hands won’t make you less a man or woman.

6 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Kitchen

In every home, the kitchen is the most useful place next to the bathroom. It’s the space in the house that needs to be maximized the most because of all the things that is attached to it. In the kitchen, there’s a stove, an oven, a microwave, a sink, a refrigerator, and not to mention the amount of space you need for kitchenware like pans and pots and other small appliances for the kitchen. For smaller kitchens, you have less stuff in it but all the more to save space to avoid looking cramped up.  It’s a challenge to design kitchens and so if you need some ideas to keep you inspired, keep reading.


The Lighter the Better

If you have a smaller kitchen or if you live in a condo, it’s better to go light with your walls, cabinets and everything else. It will make the kitchen look bigger as light colors reflect light, especially if you have a window to let natural light come on.


Magic Mirrors

It’s a good idea to add a mirror/ mirrors in the kitchen to make it look bigger. It reflects whatever is in the area giving the illusion that walls are further away than it is.


Nowhere Else To Go but Up

Achieve a clean and classy look in the kitchen by building ceiling-high cabinets. This may not be a common choice, but it looks better than you think it is. It also gives you more space to keep more kitchenware.


Secret Seats

For your kitchen counters, it’s best to have chairs that you can hide under it. Or you can have foldable chairs connected to the counter so as not to occupy too much space.


Misleading Cabinets

A normal cabinet would have that same old boring open and close mechanisms, but for a space saving kitchen, we can do better. Try out a sliding mechanism and opt for a pull out cabinet with a lot of inside shelves instead. It’s spacious and more organized.


Hang It Up

Another space spacing trick that doubles as a cool kitchen decoration is to hang up your pots & pans. Hanging them up gives you and your guests a more kitchen feel. It’s a good idea since you won’t need to force these noisy kitchenware inside a small space. It’s a lot better than seeing all cabinets in your kitchen, so go ahead and hang them up!

Witty Ideas in the Kitchen: Accessories and Women

We would always see women reigning in her kitchen as if it’s her own territory. Most of the ladies would prefer cooking as their stress-reliever especially if they are going to cook for their special someone. You could easily identify if a woman or a man spends cooking just looking only the organization of the utensils and its interior. However, women’s accessories would always be present tangling in her body, this makes it difficult to move around, because it is quite bothersome. That’s why there are kitchen accessories that is a great help in keeping the women’s bracelet and accessories out of the kitchen during a food preparation. Nevertheless, a woman may have wore a bracelet or not when she cooks, it still doesn’t change the fact that in terms of cooking, ladies are very particular in food preparation.

In cooking, admit it or not but it is really great to have the space in the kitchen all by yourself. However, because of a narrow space and the kitchen roasters eats up the room clearance. So, here are witty organizational ideas in the kitchen:


    1. Start Hanging. In putting aprons, dish towels and pot holders beneath the cabinets or on the wall could minimize the space intended for much worthy appliances. Furthermore, It would be convenient to store items depending on the frequency of its usage, with day-to-day dishes that can be reached easily and it could be stored on the lower shelf of a cabinet.
    2. Group Similar Objects. If the kitchenware are properly organized it will be easy to look for it, and any untoward incidents will be avoided, too. Always keep the plastic bags and any other wrapping together in a small space in the cabinet, it may be near the refrigerator, so that it will be easy to store away leftovers.


  • Proper stacking of lids. The lids of a tupperware must be stored not away from its pan, so that it would be easy to find and locate. There’s a tendency that the lids will be lost and the pan that was left behind will never be able to use.
  • Install confined shell organizers. Shelves like a sliding organizer is a hassle-free systemize cabinet. This can also help to divide proportional drawer to keep cutlery and utensils neatly separated, so it won’t take time looking for what is needed in the table.


It is essential to keep things at place in the kitchen, because it reflects the sanitary and hygiene of the people using it. Nevertheless, it would be very unwelcoming to greet visitors with a dirty and not organize inside the cooking area.

The kitchen accessories that you need in organizing your kitchen are available at Sattaj creations. Whenever there’s no time to shop at the mall to maintain the systematic order inside the kitchen. In addition, there are also many choices to choose from with different exciting and stimulating colors. They are even user-friendly and harmless to operate.