8 Home Renovations you shouldn’t do

There are many articles wherein the general thought is the encouragement to yourself in doing any repairs all by yourself. Though, I get the point that it is indeed a rewarding feeling to accomplish any problems all by yourself, but it doesn’t mean that we should not approach other’s help, too.

In terms of repairing for the electrical panels in your house, you are prohibited to touch any possible live wires, especially if you don’t know them. Nobody wants to be electrocuted, right? It won’t be rewarding on your part to see yourself being burned into ashes—that is not a good sight! This is a job intended for the pro’s and not for the amateurs.

To repair any plumbing works, although sometimes there are only minute problems that are occuring in your faucets and pipes, as much as possible stay away from it to avoid any untoward incident. If you are really into repairs and have done it before, maybe that can be an acceptable reason to repair it by yourself, but be mindful because overconfidence leads nothing but bad.

You may have seen many signs that reads Asbestos: Keep out!, it’ll be better if you’ll keep you way out of it. Asbestos is naturally found on soil and rocks; when the mineral fibers of the said mineral are released in the air, might as well wear a face mask, because this is really dangerous. These mineral is air-borne and when inhaled, your lungs would have complications namely; mesothelioma and Lung cancer.

In a nutshell, if we generalize everything, it simply says that keep things out of your way when you don’t know how to do them, and it is not your job to risk your life. You ain’t superman nor a wonderwoman, and trying to contact others helping hands won’t make you less a man or woman.